Flight-Fight-Freeze Response & Chronic Stress

Flight-Fight-Freeze Response & Chronic Stress

Truth: We come into hundreds, if not thousands of stressors throughout a normal day.

False: We can’t do anything about it. (Keep reading to learn what you can actually do today.) Simply put, stress creates a flight-fight-freeze response within our bodies, which in turn increases inflammation.

When inflammation occurs, our bodies automatically fire up the immune system and other hormonal mechanisms to fight the inflammation.

Inflammation is good in short, small bursts, however chronic, day in and out inflammation is what is so damaging to our bodies.

Chronic stress means chronic work the immune system has to do, leaving us susceptible to acute sickness and builds upon chronic conditions.

Take small steps in lessening anxiety by:

-cutting processed food

-limiting alcohol

-drinking more water

-moving your body

-eating colorful foods

-trying a whole food multivitamin

-prioritizing sleep quality

-partaking in a random act of kindness

-using adaptogens

-smiling (this simple act, even if you don’t mean it, can improve mood instantly)


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