Skinny and Company Peppermint Oil Pulling Coconut Oil Kit

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Skinny & Co. Peppermint Oil Pulling Kit contains everything you need to achieve an overall healthier mouth. Utilizing everything in this kit prior to brushing your teeth will lead to fresher breath, cleaner teeth, and healthier gums.

0.5 oz Peppermint Lip Balm 
8.5 oz Oil Pulling Coconut Oil
Natural Bamboo Spoon

Oil pulling benefits your overall oral hygiene and health in the following ways:

• Freshens breath while you swish the oil in your mouth 
• Cleans your teeth while you swish the oil in your mouth
• Contains no toxic solvents, chemicals, or fillers
• Does not harm enamel on teeth like other acidic oils
• Does not harm fillings or existing dental work

Skinny & Co. Lip Balm is the perfect, natural way to hydrate chapped lips. You’ll also experience these benefits:

• Helps your lips retain their moisture
• Helps protect your lips from sun damage
• Provides barrier as protection against small mouth irritations
• May result in a slight plumping effect due to the peppermint which helps stimulate blood circulation 

Begin with a teaspoon-sized amount of Peppermint Oil Pulling Coconut Oil. Swish around in the mouth for at least five minutes and up to twenty minutes. (Start with a smaller amount of time and eventually work up to longer periods.) When you finish oil pulling, spit the oil into a trash can and brush your teeth as you normally would. (Note: Do not swallow or gargle the oil. When oil pulling, there are toxins that are “pulled” from the teeth, and should be disposed of in a trash receptacle.)

Finish off with a touch of Lip Balm, and your mouth will feel cleaner than ever!


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