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My name is Liz Kapelan and I created Pure Vida because I see so many people who are tired with the current health status quo.  

Preventive care, creating a healthy foundation around food, the importance of staying active, and the power of nature, are all key aspects and the backbone of Pure Vida.

I want to help change the way we look at our health.

By taking the good from both traditional and modern care, we can transform our lives.

Pure Vida is here to help you incorporate both powers into your life. With consistency, you will see the extreme benefits and changes that come with eating better, using organic products and connecting to nature. 

Curated Brands: We are picky. We work with top quality suppliers who don't take short cuts in choosing ingredients, processing, and the testing of their products.

"One size fits all" doesn't work anywhere and doesn't work here.
Now offering personalized natural living guides, to bring simplicity and awareness to your lifestyle. Click here to learn more.

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123 Newell Road
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Email: purevidaonline@gmail.com


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