Citrus-Q 10

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Citrus-Q10ξ100 supplies naturally fermented coenzyme Q10ξin a great-tasting, natural citrus-flavored chewable tablet.

Citrus-Q10100 contains no sugar, artificial colors or flavors, and is suitable for vegetarians.

Since nearly all cellular activities are dependent upon energy, coenzyme Q10 is essential for the health of all human tissues and organs, especially the heart.

Given the strength of the science that has been emerging for the use of supplemental CoQ10, it is important to ensure that optimal CoQ10 levels are achieved in the blood following supplementation.

Biochemically, it functions much like vitamin E in that it participates in certain antioxidant and free radical reactions. Numerous studies indicate coenzyme Q10 also plays an important role in the maintenance of the entire cardiovascular system.

Supplementation with coenzyme Q10 in patients has shown to be useful for the maintenance of already healthy blood pressure.

Coenzyme Q10 is also important for the maintenance of blood vessels and heart muscle function.

In addition, people taking statin drugs can develop deficiencies in coenzyme Q10 and may require supplementation.


Adults take 1-4 tablets daily or as directed by your healthcare professional. Allow tablet to dissolve in mouth and swallow. Not a sublingual tablet.

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