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Think about yourself for a moment. How is your health? What’s the first thought you had this morning? What’s the first thing you did this morning? Health is more than what you ate today, and how hard you went in your workout yesterday. It’s about your reactions to adversity and success, it’s about how you see yourself, it’s about how you treat others. It’s about how you breath, how you sleep, how you talk to others.

Understanding that everything you see, hear, smell, taste and do creates your health. It’s completely personal, each of us have our own mind-body connection.

I want to give you a set of guidelines on how to actively create a healthy you. 

Nutrition is a critical component of the Pure Vida Wellness Programs and the  key to improving overall heath. The key to achieving optimal nutrition is not simply education, but navigating relationships with nutrition and the barriers that lifestyle provides with making changes.

So what does the program include?

It starts with an in-depth questionnaire about what’s going on in your life right now. Your skin, your body shape, how you feel after a meal, your sleep, your body temperature, and more.


  1. Dietary Breakdown & Sample Food Groups
  2. Personalized Supplement Recommendation
  3. Herbal Tea Recommendations
  4. Breakdown Of Cravings & Tastes
  5. Discount Code For Pure Vida Online Store



  1. Dietary Breakdown & Sample Food Groups
  2. In-Body Scan To Analyze Body Composition And Track Progress To Your Goals
  3. Macro Breakdown & Meal Plan Schedule
  4. Personalized Supplement Recommendation
  5. Herbal Tea Recommendations
  6. Breakdown Of Cravings & Tastes
  7. Discount Code For Pure Vida Online Store




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